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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Acne treatment with natural recipes for teens

How to fight acne 

 a lot of people from the problem of acne, and cause to leave the raised scars on the face, which visibly affect the beauty of the skin and face, which is a matter of concern and discomfort and make a lot of people to experience the pharmaceuticals and medicines in addition to the use of many of the mixtures and natural recipes to realize their dream of having free complexion of grain, and we'll mention the fight against Acne :

Ways to acne treatment :

  • Do some crushed aspirin pills according to the amount of pimples on the skin, and then mixing it with a small amount of water to consist a paste, then put them on cereal area and leave it to dry for about 10 minutes, and it takes about then wash face with water, note that aspirin contains salicylic acid is very effective in fighting bacteria and grain drying is the best topical treatments at all. Acne 
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  • Honey mask is very useful to get rid of pimples and spread it on warts and awaited area briefly while feeling the tightening of facial skin and leave it to dry, and then wait 10 minutes and then laundered using cold water too, where the honey is able to kill bacteria. Acne 
Acne ,treatment, natural ,recipes ,teens

  • amount of mixing baking soda with a little water to form a paste, then put dough on every grain of cereal, while avoiding placing them on the face completely and leave the dough a time period ranging from ten minutes, then rinse your face with cold water too which helps to close the pores and repeat this recipe twice daily. 
  • Chopping raw potato slices and distributed to cover facial warts, and left her for fifteen minutes and then wash the face with water, and the potato is known to contain an anti-inflammatory which is beneficial skin and heal completely from Acne with regularity to repeat this recipe every day. 
  • Use lemon juice in the treatment of acne because it contains citric acid, which fights the bacteria causing the breakouts, cut a lemon from the middle of it and then rub the grain to open part lemon, here belzaath person would be preferable in this case put sunscreen after applying the recipe. 
  • Fat pimples with a quantity of toothpaste to contain silica material that contributes to maintaining skin moisture, and leaving it for a while when completely dry and it may take a few hours and then wash them well with water, this is a fast-acting treatment as it rids the skin of blisters in one night. 
  • Use ice cubes by placing them on the face grain personality capable of narrowing the blood vessels within the skin layer which contributes to reduce inflammation. 
Acne ,treatment ,natural, recipes ,teens
Acne treatment with natural recipes for teens